Other Artists

Everyone has a dream team.

Anyway, this list of artist friends is not exhaustive, but a good start. I endorse not just their talent but the fact that whilst they take the work seriously, they do not take themselves seriously, a somewhat vital difference for the necessary element of fun. They all have big audiences and unique follower bases, so do not be afraid to check out their social media accounts to find out more.

If you are looking for the best sound designer for theatre there is, make sure to hire Matt Padden, who was Head of Sound at the National Theatre of Scotland for many years. His design got as many reviews in my solo show as I did –
he is a spectacular, precise and comsummate artist, with grace and good humour in abundance.

A super talented actor, producer, director..and actually makes home make limoncello.

Max and David provide chic, unparalleled ISDN and studio services in Edinburgh and are also very funny.

A real life mime revolutionary! Bringing the glitz back into all our lives.

Possibly the most human, heart centered, talented filmmaker there is.

The most amazing and anarchic artist-thinker, painter, prop maker, art dept. head and public enemy No 1.

A stunning lead actress yet still a gorgeous team player

A writer – actor – director who knows exactly what she is doing with her understated talent, whose films will always elevate way above conformist Hollywoodery.

Elan Polushko is sharp, easy going and super talented – I’ve probably been in the booth with him for over 200 hours by now. He is, to my mind, the only sound designer you need to know.

Hilarious actor, talented novelist, and Soho’s charismatic soul personified

Dramaturg, director, writer with actor-sharp instincts, a beyond-clever mind and grit and fun in equal measure.

Just watch his youtube channel. Ridiculous, magic, horribly gifted.

Brian Mahan is the only digital media specialist worth knowing. He mixes precision attention to detail, artistic design flair and super efficient professionalism with a deep, compassionate soul.

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