Mary Jane Wells TV and Film Reviews

Mary Jane Wells TV and Film Reviews

Variety Magazine on Elena Undone

“…Comic relief is provided by Mary Wells as Peyton’s wisecracking neighbor.” on Elena Undone

“..Quirky friend, Wave (Mary Wells) comforts her with bottles of wine and an arm-twisting trip to the love guru (Sam Harris) … they have a lovely, sparkling chemistry from the get go.”

Cherrygrrl on Elena Undone

“Best friend Wave is played by the hilaire Mary Wells.”

Mindschmooze Cinema on A Perfect Ending

“Kelly (Imelda Corcoran) and Shirin (Mary Jane Wells) are a lesbian couple that, quite frankly, I would like to have seen more of on screen. Their ease of interaction with each other, and with Rebecca, provides a welcome and relaxed atmosphere throughout the film. Budget limitations are certainly understood, but this is the point that I ask Ms. Conn to consider a lesbian buddy movie with these two actresses. Mary Jane Wells’ fortitude at plucky snarkyness begs to be expounded upon.”

Daily Record on Divine White’s Introduction to Hollywood

“Elizabeth and Mary are both stars of the LA cult web series Divine White’s Introduction to Hollywood, an Office-style spoof documentary series about young British actors trying to make it big in LA, starring a group of British actors all making it big in LA for real.

The programme, which was created and produced by English actress Alison Winter, was nominated for Best Web Series at the LA Comedy Awards and Elizabeth and Mary are hoping the programme can help them continue their progress.

Mary said:  “It’s been tremendous fun working out here. I miss Glasgow a lot but it’s been a fantastic adventure here.”

RSAMD graduate Mary, who appeared in British programmes such as Half Moon Investigations for BBC Scotland before she made the jump west, has enjoyed steady work and now enjoys a sunshine lifestyle just a few blocks from the beach in Santa Monica.”

Birds On The Blog on A Perfect Ending

“… and then there’s the funny, funny, funny British actress Mary Wells, who plays one of Rebecca’s lesbian friends (we should all have one) with the Hollywood Madam in her contact list.”

– See more at: on Crazy Bitches

“With a lesbian subplot and a cast list boasting Cathy DeBuono, Guinevere Turner (who has worked on everything from “American Psycho” to “Chasing Amy,” and appeared on “The L Word” as Alice‘s girlfriend Gabby) and Mary Wells (a veteran of the indie movie circuit), this is a must-see for lesbian horror fans.”

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